The Mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture Development (MOAD) is to create an enabling environment for sustainable social and economic development of the sector with a view to an improved food security of the growing population.

Develop a competitive and sustainable agriculture sector that meets the household and national food security and ensures prosperity of the agricultural and agro-pastoral communities in Somaliland.


To steer the development of the agriculture sector to ensure the realization of its potential in order to effectively contribute to national development by ensuring national food security, poverty reduction and improved standards of living of rural communities. This will be achieved through effective coordination of stakeholders’ activities, provision of effective support services to farmers and promotion of sustainable utilization and management of agricultural resources.

Core values 

  • Promote increased agricultural production
  • Create conducive environment for agricultural production with an improved accessibility of farm implements
  • Map potential and utilized national arable land
  • Promote microfinance and microcredit schemes for farmers
  • Develop Infrastructure, marketing, trade and investment.
  • Develop Technical, institutional and human resources.
  • Promote Sustainable Watershed Management
  • Manage and control pests and diseases in crops
  • Improve availability and sustainable management of water resources
  • Promote appropriate technologies and practices for post-harvest losses.
  • Maintain the agricultural research work and promote technology delivery;
  • Promote the establishment and progressive performance of cooperatives
  • Develop and implement and co-ordination of programmes in the agricultural sector
  • Regulate and quality control of inputs, produce and products in the agricultural sector;
  • Manage and control of trans-boundary pests, diseases and invasive species;
  • Document and register of agricultural land
  • Collect, maintain and manage the information on agriculture sector; and Promotion of sustainable resource management and utilization.